If you are interested in serving as a peer-reviewer/referee for the Journal of Applied Probability and Statistics, please contact our Editor-in-Chief at khans@usq.edu.au or at drmunir@brain.net.pk with your full contact information, your area(s) of expertise, and a list of your recent publications.

If you are selected to be a reviewer/referee, your name will be included in our list of potential referees. When a manuscript submitted to JAPS matches your interests, one of our editors will contact you with the paper. Please respond promptly to the Editor's message asking whether you are willing to referee the paper. If you have other commitments and cannot referee the paper, let him or her know immediately so that another referee can be chosen. If you can referee the paper, please confirm.

We would like to express our sincere thanks to our peer reviewers who helped to ensure the high standards of the Journal of Applied Probability and Statistics. The informed opinions of referees, relayed in a timely manner, are critical to our editorial process. Thank you!

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