Volume 2                                Number 2                              November 2007

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Special Announcement


Controlled Branching Processes with Continuous States


I. Rahimov and W. Al-Sabah


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A Measure of Multivariate Data Concentration


Maman A. Djauhari


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Bayesian Applications in Cytogenetic Studies


Hafiz M. R. Khan, Serge B. Provost and Robert A. Hegele


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On Strength-Reliability for α-Distributed Stress Using Gaussian Function


Maroof A. Khan and H. M. Islam


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On Characterization of Distributions


Haseeb Athar, H. M. Islam and R. U. Khan


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Semiparametric Estimation of Survival Function with Cause-of-Death Data Missing at Random


Zhihua Sun and Qihua Wang


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Identification of a Stable Gaussian Autoregressive Process by an Averaging Method


Faouzi Chaabane and Hamdi Fathallah


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Estimation of Incidence of HIV Using Modified Back-Projection Method and a Log-Normal Incubation Distribution


Gurprit Grover and Nezhat Shakeri


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Generalized Residual Entropies in Survival Analysis


D. S. Hooda and Parmil Kumar


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Constraint Estimation for the Population Attributable Risk


John T. Chen, Satish Iyengar and David A. Brent


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