Volume 1                                Number 1                      November 2006

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Editorial Note from the Chief Editor


Improved Estimation of Regression Parameters when the two Regression Lines are Parallel


B. U. Khan and A. K. Md. Ehsanes Saleh


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Prediction Distribution of Future Regression and Residual Sum of Squares Matrices for Multivariate Simple Regression Model with Correlated Normal Responses,


Shahjahan Khan


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Some Applications of Mixed Gamma Representations


John Grego and James Lynch


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Age Distribution Model for PNG Population


Muhammad S. Rahman and Syfun Nahar


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A Simulation-Extrapolation Method for Bivariate Survival Data with Covariates Subject to Measurement Error


Yun-Hee Choi, Grace Y. Yi, and David E. Matthews


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Estimating Process Capability Index Cp After Testing Equality of Variances


Chien-Pai Han and Chiang-Su Wang


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Urban Factors in Relation to Mortality Pattern in Lagos State, Nigeria


Rasheed Kola Ojikutu


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A Note on Bayes Estimates of Multinomial Probabilities under Step-wise Sampling


C. J. Park, Key-Il Shin, YongHee Kim-Park, Sang Eun Lee


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Characterization of Continuous Distributions Through Conditional Expectation of Function of Generalized Order Statistics


A. H. Khan, R. U. Khan, and M. Yaqub


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